Did Vanna White Have Plastic Surgery?


Vanna White still looks youthful at her age of 56, many people wondered, did she get plastic surgery to maintain her youthful look?

Television personality Vanna White always appears amazing on the screen, but along with her age that is no longer young, has invited some speculation if she has had plastic surgery along her career.

Judging Vanna photos over the years, it seems that she has had a facial work done. If we are looking back at her photo in 2007, it is obvious that her face appears pretty sworn out, while the recent picture reveals that her face appears toned. I’m not sure what exactly she had done to her face, but it is likely she has had some facial surgery procedures like Botox, facelift and eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) as well.

Vanna White Plastic Surgery Before After

Vanna’s facial work stay becomes a controversy, many think that she needed Botox as she is no longer young. While some others didn’t seem to agree if she has had some facial surgery done.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. David Shafer seems to agree if Vanna has had Botox. He says “Vanna White looks stunning for her age, she obviously had Botox. Observing her photos over the years, it is likely she had tried Botox intermittently.” He also added “Vanna White is also possible to have cheek injection, the most recent photo reveals that her cheeks appear more voluminous than before.”

If we are examining her photos, it is obvious that her forehead appears smooth and having less crows feet. However, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif doesn’t seem to agree if Vanna has had any work on her face. He explains Makemeheal.com website that He knows Vanna White much, she hasn’t had any work done to her face.

While Vanna White plastic surgery still becomes a controversy, but it seems that most people agree that she has had Botox and facelift as she appears with perfectly smooth forehead and less of crows feet. In fact, she is 56 years old, but she looks youthful, unlike other women at her real age.

Well, whether or not she had facial work done, she stays looks stunning. If the rumor is true, I need to say thanks to her plastic surgeon.
What do you think? Did she have facial surgery? Please feel free to share yours though!

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