Did Susan Lucci Have Plastic Surgery?


It seems that the public still curious about the recent appearance of All My Children actress Susan Lucci. She still looks youthful at no longer young age. She is now 65, and she looks as good as when she started her role on All My Children drama. What is her beauty secret? Is it plastic surgery help or just good genes?

Well, Seeing her recent appearance, you may say that she is one of the hottest and the most beautiful over a half century female actress in Hollywood. She still having toned face and sexy body combined with energetic movement make her look even younger than her real age.

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before & After

Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery Before & After

It has already a habit in Hollywood, when they are still looking fantastic in no longer young age, public often speculate they must be having  surgery procedures to boost their appearance. That is also hit the Dancing With the Star participant actress Susan Lucci. At her 65 years old, she looks like a woman in 40 with toned face and less wrinkles, the public believes she has a work done.

Did Susan Lucci Have Plastic Surgery?

Well, before we go deeper about the rumor, first we need to know who Susan is.

Susan Victoria Lucci was born in Scarsdale, New York on December 23rd, 1946. She is not only well-known as the actress that portrayed Erica Kane on the ABC daytime drama All My Children, she also best known as the television host, author and entrepreneur. It seems that she was blessed with good genes because of the combination from her Italian father and French Swedish mom who is giving adorable looks in her face.
It is still round whether she stays look good due to surgery help or good genes, we cannot make it sure.

Michigan plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn states that he still difficult to decide whether she has or has not plastic surgery, her recent appearance looks good. If he needs to guest, Susan seems to have a facelift, laser treatments, cheek implants & a Browlift.

Dr. Shafer “she seems to have a minor nose job (rhinoplasty), her nose looks smoother than in the past”.

New York plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston states she might have eyelid, facelift & Botox. We cannot see any wrinkles on her forehead, it appears slightly refined.

Well, I think it is hard to make sure whether she has or has not had plastic surgery procedures, but I personally guest that she has some work done over the years, so her appearance change is not drastically seen. If she really under surgeon knife, she definitely has a really good surgery.

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