Sofia Vergara Breast Implants Before and After


Breast implants could be one of the favorite celebrity plastic surgery, and Sofia Vergara is no stranger to breast implant rumor. The famous hot model with a very amazing body “Sofia Vergara” has become a hot subject among fans. While many curious whether or not she has a boob job, tries to investigate the rumor.

Sofia Vergara Breast Implants Before After

Sofia Vergara has admitted to having a 34DD breast size since she was younger. If we are comparing her photos in the earlier modeling career to the most recent photos, it seems that Sofia’s breast size has increased drastically. The recent photo reveals that her bust size has turned into 32F, that’s larger than what she said “34DD”, did she have breast implants?

In the past year’s interview, Sofia Vergara has denied to go under the knife. In fact, she has ever considered to have a breast reduction when she was young because she felt uncomfortable with too hot breasts, but her mother didn’t allow her.

Well, it is hard to tell whether or not she has a boob job, she looks great and natural. If she got breast implants, I think she has a very good plastic surgeon who can keep her breasts look natural.

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