SNSD Plastic Surgery Before & After – Taeyeon & Tiffany


SNSD plastic surgery rumor has long become a hot subject among fans & haters. Some mass media claim that all SNSD members look different after coming back from vacation and promoting “Oh! And Run Devil Run”. Many fans and haters speculate they have some facial reconstruction during vacation.

Controversial comment also comes from Taiwan Girlband Super 7, they claimed that all SNSD members are fake. Super 7 admitted that they are not only good at singing and dancing, but they also smart enough to transform their appearance. All of them far from the natural look, their beauty is fake, said Super 7 to media.

SNSD surgery rumor has raised pros and cons among fans and haters. We cannot judge them by saying “they are fake”, some of SNSD (Tiffany & Taeyon) photos below might be able to become a benchmark whether they have or haven’t had some work done to enhance their appearance.

Taeyeon Snsd Plastic Surgery

Among all Snsd members, Taeyeon is one of the most highlighted figures. Public notices physical change of Taeyeon after coming back from vacation. If we are looking at before & after photo, it seems that she has a work done to her nose and eyes. If I need to guess, she likely has a nose job (Rhinoplasty) since in the after photo her nose appears slightly more pointed and her nose bridge seems more structured. If she has a nose job, I need to say that it is a really good nose job. In addition, she also likely has a double eyelid surgery.

Tiffany Snsd Plastic Surgery

Korean media Naver reported that Tiffany looks weird after coming back to MBC ‘Show! Music Core. Her voice seems inaccurate and she always covers her face with a microphone while broadcasting. Viewers also noticed there are something weird in Tiffany’s expression, she seems frozen.

In addition, Tiffany appears to look different, it is likely she has some work done to her eyes, nose and face shape. Did she hide the signs of post plastic surgery? Decide yourself.

Well, everyone has their own comment about their appearance. I personally admit that they look great with or without plastic surgery. What about you? Do agree with us? Share your opinion in the comment box below.

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