Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos


Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Before & After

Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Before & After

Want to get rid of wrinkles? It’s no secret that almost all Hollywood celebrities have had plastic surgery. In addition to plastic surgery, Botox is also one of the options for them. Indeed, the demands of a celebrity as a public figure that makes them have to perform excellent and perfect in front of their fans. Many people use Botox can “fill in” the fine lines that usually appear on the face. Who is not familiar with Sela Ward? An actress who was born in Meridian, Mississippi 55 years ago still looked fit and beautiful. Sela Ward is now filling the role of Jo Danville on CSI: New York admitted to using Botox. No wonder her face still looks beautiful despite her age before 55 years. Her skin looks smoother and tighter. Sela says that she is very fond of Botox and it was the best thing for him in his old age was no longer young. The use of Botox is not excessive, thus providing a fantastic result and not rigid. When the age was no longer young, using Botox is commonplace.

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