Did Scarlett Johansson Have a Nose Job?


Scarlett Johansson nose job rumor has long been ragging on online magazine. Many curious whether or not she has undergone a nose job (Rhinoplasty) after noticing there were some change on Scarlett Johansson’s nose size and shape.

Then, we decide to investigate whether it’s true or not. After observing Scarlett’s photos in the early of her career and the most recent one, it is true if there is some change on its size and shape. She was having a wide nose bridge with a bulbous tip, and the recent nose is getting more refined, slimmer bridge and less bulbous at the tip. It is the starting point when people rumored her to have a rhinoplasty to refine and slim down her nose. But, hold on, the change of nose size and shape can be achieved from smart makeup artist, and could be as the growth factor.

Scarlett Johansson Nose Job Before & After

If we look closer, Scarlett’s nostrils and bulbous tip are still the same as it was, and the less bulbous tip is likely well disguised by smart makeup. In some old photos, Scarlett’s nose bridge was wide, and the recent photos reveal that her nose bridge looks slimmer. She looks good and natural, there are no any signs of rhinoplasty. So, the change of Scarlett’s nose shape could possibly as the result of the growing process, not plastic surgery help. What do you think? Do you agree with us?

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