Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery – Before & After a Nose Job


Sandra Bullock plastic surgery has been spread out over the years. Public notices she seemed to have Botox in 2008, and now it seems she has another surgery procedure: a nose job (Rhinoplasty).

Everyone must agree that Miss Congeniality star Sandra is a beautiful and talented actress. Her acting is so brilliant and has a lot of charity work; it makes her become one of notable actresses in Hollywood.

Crowned as the highest-paid actress with $56 million by the Guinness Book Of World Records in 2012 doesn’t make former wife of American actor Jesse G. James apart from rumor that she might have plastic surgery for perfect nose. Despite she is rumored to have a nose job, she was also accused to have Botox in the past.

Fantastic mom Sandra Bullock started her career with a small role in the TV series Hangman in 1987. She started to attract public attention since she was playing a role as Annie Porter in American film Speed with gorgeous actor Keanu Reeves. But, most notable appearance she did, is when she was playing a role as Gracie Hart in 2000 Miss Congeniality movie. Since then, she is really identically with Miss Congeniality, although in another movie such as the Blind Side, Crash, The Lake House and the Proposal also makes her awarded with Oscar.

In addition, she was also listed as one of 50 Most Beautiful People in the World according to People Magazine in 1996 and 1999. It seems that tribute also triggering a rumor that she has plastic surgery procedures, especially a nose job to enhance her beauty.

Did Sandra Bullock Have a Nose Job?

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before & After

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before & After A Nose Job

If we see the before and after photo, we can notice that her nose is getting smoother and the bridge also narrower than the before photo. It indicates she might have a nose job.

Related to the rumor, Sandra confirmed that she reconstruct her nostrils because of her sister had accidentally broken her nose when they were teenagers.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer says “Sandra Bullock has a good nose job; it really suits her face”

Well, whether she has reconstructed her nose, I think she still looks beautiful. She has a good job to beautify her face.

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