American Actress Robin McGraw Respond to Plastic Surgery Rumor


Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery American actress and author Robin McGraw keeps cool in responding plastic surgery rumor which never stops hitting her life. The recent rumor says that she keeps looking young at no longer young age as the result of plastic surgery help. She has given us the secret of her beauty in her own book, but it seems public doesn’t satisfy and never stop to rumor her life.

Did Robin McGraw Have Plastic Surgery?

Although in her book “What’s Age Got to Do with it”, she has revealed her secret to look beautiful and sexy in her age, but it seems public doesn’t satisfy and keep accused her to have some surgery procedures. She has been rumored to have a facelift, Botox and filler injection with brow lift and porcelain veneers that make her face look flawless and toned. This also claimed really effective to remove some wrinkles and aging signs on her face. Her face looks like a woman in early 40, moreover she is also rumored to have a nose job, and her nose seems slimmer and pointed at the tip.

Robin McGraw on Rachel Ray show reveal her secret and denied the issue, she stated “I have a very long list of things I do every day to look good. But, my number one thing is to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water” About her youthful face and looks like porcelain, she claimed that she found non surgery natural way to make her face look like having facelift. Still in the same program she said “I use Miracle Hydrate hand cream every night because the hands are one of the first places you can see a woman aging by using Beautility’s Hydro Tea Facial Feed product”. She also said there are no reasons for her to have any kind of surgery procedures to look for eternal youth.

Well, I think it’s hard to make sure whether she has or has not had any surgery procedures. The interview above might help you decide whether she actually has or has not to have it.

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