Patti Stanger Admitted Plastic Surgery on Andy Cohen Talk Show


Patti Stanger Plastic SurgeryUnlike other celebrities, Patti Stanger is not ashamed to admitting her plastic surgery. Beautiful look is one of the most important parts if you want to survive in Hollywood, stated American matchmaker and television producer Patti Stanger. Patti Stanger is a Jewish-American matchmaker and television producers that was born on May 31, 1961. She is a producers and Co-founder of the American dating reality show named Millionaire Matchmaker that was aimed reunite rich wealthy men with their potential spouses.

Personally she is a successful woman that owns her own television with very successful reality show in America. But, she is also a kind of woman that fulls with a lot of controversy. Her uncertain habits and having date with a lot rich men make her look little bit naughty. Another controversy that she did is when she criticized gay marriage and Jewish men at talk show “Watch What Happen Life” with the host  Andy Cohen. Her statement trough the Twitter that saying “there are no curbing for the gay” and said that “Jewish men lie” reaping a lot of criticism from various parties, especially LGBT and Jewish activist.

Patti Stanger Admited She Has Had Plastic Surgery

Publicly in Andy Cohen’s talk show, she revealed her secret to look younger in her 50. Openly she admitted that she has had Botox to eliminating the wrinkles on her face especially on the forehead, eye lines and smile lines. Proudly, she also said that she has had eyelid to eliminating the wrinkles around her eyes. Fantastic size of her breasts might also be as a good result of breast implants.

Well, behind the controversy she has done, of course we should appreciate her honesty in publicly admitting plastic surgery procedure she has had to keep her forever young.

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