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CBS sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton seems need more plastic surgery to enhance her beautiful look. We all may already know that she has admitted having a breast reduction and tummy tuck in the past, and the recent news, she is rumored to have another kind of surgery procedures such as a brow lift, Botox, lip injections and also facial fillers. Is she addicted to surgeon’s knife?

Well, before we discuss deeper about her recent rumor, it will be better for us to know the history of plastic surgery she has done in the past.

54 years-old mom Patricia has ever admitted having a breast reduction and tummy tuck after giving birth to four sons. On the TV show “Back to You” Patricia told us that she needed to fight the excessive fat & stretch mark, and tummy tuck could be the best choice to hide the stretch mark and remove the fat after giving birth. Patricia also said that her breast were hanging down after breastfeeding, so she decided to have breast reduction to fit her body shape.

Patricia Heaton Before & After Breast Reduction

Patricia Heaton Before & After Breast Reduction

If we are observing her recent photo, we need to admit that she still looks good with her new breast size. I need to say thanks for her plastic surgeon.

After having a tummy tuck and breast reduction in the past, Everybody Loves Raymond star Patricia Heaton recently appeared with a youthful look. Many mass media mentioned that she possibly had undergone multiple facial reconstruction such as Botox, lip injection, Browlift and also facial fillers.

Patricia Heaton at Private Residence in Hancock Park 2012

54 years-old mom stay looks young and beautiful in no longer young age. We almost cannot see any aging signs on her facial appearance, and the plastic surgery could be the best guess to get such a fantastic look. How about you? Do you agree with us?

Dr. Michael Salzhauer said “Patricia Heaton looks fantastic and youthful, she probably has a little touch of Browlift & facial fillers. She also possibly has had Botox and chemical peels over the years to fight aging sign”.

Patricia has not openly talked to the public about the recent rumors, if she really has had facial reconstruction, I need to say “that’s fantastic & not overdo”.

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