Park Bom Plastic Surgery – It’s for Health Reason


Park Bom plastic surgery reason has been controversial news among K Pop fans. She says that her beauty transformation is for eyes and nose health reason. Due to unrealistic reason, her surgery rumor has raised the pros and cons among girl group fans.

Well, before we discuss much about Park Bom plastic surgery, it’s unfair if we don’t know who she is.

Park Bom is one of main vocalist in a South Korean girl group called 2NE1. She was born in Seoul, South Korea on March 24th, 1984. Public notices her beautiful face and of course her appearance change since she started joining 2NE1 in 2009.

Korean is the Biggest Consumer for Plastic Surgery

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before & After

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Before & After

 It’s not a secret anymore if South Korea is very identically with the surgery. According to the survey, South Korea is the first rank in which the population had surgical procedure ever defeated American and Japanese.

The south Korean idol which consists of solo singers, girl and boy band, TV series star, and movie stars rumored have had surgery job, no matter they are male or female.

Park Bom Plastic Surgery Picture

In Park case, public noticed her drastic changing from “Charm Face” into a “Celebrity Face”. She is rumored to have some work done such as a nose job (Rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery and could be possibly a Botox injection and filler.

In the earlier she was joining 2NE1 group, public noticed the her nose looks bigger and little bit flat, but now it is sharper and pointed than before. The most part of her face that seized the attention is her eyes (it seems too big, sharper and unnatural at all). Public speculate that her eyes change possibly as a result of eyelid surgery, it looks like an eye character on manga. Her face also looks so moist without any lines, flawless, puffy and stiff,  it indicates she has Botox.

Park Bom openly denied her plastic surgery is for beauty transformation, and she said that her face seems puffy and stiff because she suffers from a lymph node disease.

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