Mila Kunis Plastic Surgery Before & After


Along with her fame as Hollywood actress, Mila Kunis should be ready for everything including a plastic surgery rumor that recently her life harmony. It’s likely that her appearance is too perfect to be real, it makes people speculate that she has undergone several plastic surgery procedures to boost her appearance.

She has not openly talked to the public about the rumor, but some photos that spread on the internet, reveal that she possibly has some work done to her appearance. She was reported to have a breast augmentation and a nose job (Rhinoplasty) to enhance her appearance.

Breast Implants

Mila Kunis breast implants rumor could be the most highlighted news among fans. She was reported to have a breast implants when she appeared on the Bazaar magazine cover. She was wearing attractive pink gown which was showing her bust area, her breast looks slightly fuller & bigger than before.

Mila Kunis Boob Job

Mila Kunis Breast Size in 2008

Previously, people noticed that the Mila Kunis breast size is not as big as the recent one. For example, when seeing her in the 2008 film Forgetting Sarah Marshall, we see Mila with small breast that leaving quite much space on her chest. And now, her breast looks fuller & bigger, it indicates that breast implants have been well performed.

Mila Kunis Breast Implants

Mila Kunis Appears in Bazar Magazine 2012

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden explained that Mila Kunis possibly has undergone breast implants. In the past she had a flat chest, and the recent photo reveals that her chest significantly fuller. It is leading us to suspect breast augmentation has been well performed.

A Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)

In addition to breast augmentation rumor, She was also suspected to have a nose job. Judging the recent photos of Mila Kunis, it seems that her nose bridge is getting narrower and more refined tip. It looks elegant and fit to the rest of her face.

Mila Kunis Nose Job

Mila Kunis Nose Job Before & After

Dr. Jennifer Walden tells that Mila Kunis has had a conservative Rhinoplasty. She was having bulbous nose tip, and the recent nose appears more refined. The nose job was done well, said Dr. Walden.

Well, overall Mila Kunis plastic surgery was done well. She looks great and not overdone. I hope she will not overdo it such other Hollywood celebrities who has become a victim of plastic surgery.

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