Lee Min Ho Against Plastic Surgery


K-Pop star Lee Min Ho is not far from controversy, after having a relationship with Park Min Young, he was also rumored to have a relationship with plastic surgery.

The rumored was coming to the surface after the photo of Lee visited the surgeon’s office spread out on the internet. The photo that was taken in 2007 reveals that he looks like having a close relationship with the plastic surgeons, many think he has been in touch with plastic surgeons for a long time.

Lee Min Ho Visited Plastic Surgeon's Office

The picture further strengthens the allegation if he has had plastic surgery. If we are comparing his photo before and after surgery, it is obvious that his nose slightly has been altered. He was having a bumpy nose, and the current nose appears more refine without a small bump on it. I believe he has had a nose job in the past to correct the small bump. Lee new nose looks better than ever, it is really fit to the rest of his face. What do you think? Do you agree with us?

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

Although the photo shows a strong evidence if he is possibly having surgery, but Lee Min Ho stays denies it. Lee Min Ho agency Star Haus Entertainment was also denying the rumor, the agent said that Lee Min Ho and the plastic surgeons are good friends, he never had any surgery. He also added, visiting the surgeon’s office doesn’t mean he wants to have surgery.

Well, Lee Min Ho against the rumor, it is no surprise that some celebrities feel ashamed to admit the plastic surgery they had. Whatever he has done, with or without surgery, he stays looking good and not overdone.

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