Did Laura Prepon Have Plastic Surgery?


The former television series “That ’70s Show” star Laura Prepon plastic surgery rumor has become a hot subject among fans. She appears more different from she was to be, does she have undergone to the plastic surgeon’s knife or just good genes?

Public noticed that she looks different when she was captured in attending the premiere of new film ‘The Kitchen” at GenArt Film Festival School, New York. Public speculates she has had some work done to her face for her upcoming television series “Orange Is the New Black” in 2013.

Observing Laura Prepon’s recent photo, she really appears different than before. If I need to guess, it seems that she has had some surgery procedures such as a nose job, Botox, and also cheek implants.

Laura Prepon Plastic Surgery Before & After

Laura Prepon Plastic Surgery Before & After

Laura has not responded to the rumor whether she has or has not had plastic surgery, but the before and after photo could be a benchmark about what she has done to her current appearance.

Observing her recent photo, it seems that she has a nose job to enhance her facial appearance. Her nose slightly longer and pointed at the tip, her nose bridge also seems more structured than before. If she really has a nose job, I need to say thanks to her plastic surgeon. She would be happy with the result, she really looks good!

In addition to a nose job, Botox could also possibly play an important role to make her forehead look smoother and free from wrinkles or fine lines.

In the recent photo, her cheek appears puffy and fuller, it could possibly she has had cheek implants as well.

Well, whether she has or has not had plastic surgery, she still beautiful with or without surgery. What do you think? Do you agree with us?

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