Kellie Pickler Plastic Surgery Before and After


Kellie Pickler is no stranger to plastic surgery rumor. The former American Idol star has been reported to have more surgery after breast implants, they are including Botox injection, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) and possibly cheek implants.

You may already know about her breast implant rumor in the past, she was firstly noticed having plastic surgery while she was performing a song on American Idol in March. She surprised all American Idol staff with her drastically change look. American Idol host Seacrest tried to provoke her to admit a boob job by asking what she has bought after leaving American Idol, but Kellie Pickler is smart enough to answer the question, she said “I only bought shoes”.

Kellie Pickler Breast Implants Before After

More in Seacrest’s radio show, he also drove one more question to Kellie Pickler “Did you have a breast implants?” asked Seacrest! And, she answered “I don’t know”. It seems that she loves to keep it as a mystery since she said that a woman love to be a center of attention, it means that if she answers whether she has or has not a breast implants people will not care about her anymore.

Well, Kelli Pickler breast implants have long become a center of attention, The American Idol star neither admits it nor denies it. Judging her old photos and the most recent one, it seems that her cleavage is the result of breast implants, not miraculous undergarments.

Kellie Pickler Before After Plastic Surgery

In addition to a boob job, Kelli was also suspected to have a facework such as Botox, eyelid surgery, lip fillers and also cheek implants. When she is being asked about the rumor, Kelli told “Touch Magazine” that she did not have any kind of facial surgery including a nose job.

If we take a closer look at Kelli’s recent photos, it is possible that she had Botox injection and eyelid surgery as well, as the evidence Kelli’s eyes look wider and eyebrows appears higher.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon explains website that Kelli’s surprising look possibly as the results of a brow lift and eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty).

Furthermore, the recent photo reveals that her plumped lips are far from natural, it is likely excessive filler injection has been performed.

Well, Kelli has not clearly talked to the public about her job. Judging her photos, do you believe she got plastic surgery? Please feel free to give your comment.

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