Katey Sagal Plastic Surgery Before & After


Katey Sagal stay looks so youthful at 59 years old, and plastic surgery might be the best way to keep her appearance stay away from aging signs. The Peg Bundy has recently appeared with very smooth and tight skin, many people speculate that she might have some work done to her facial appearance such as Botox and facelift.

Katey Sagal Before & After Plastic Surgery

Katey Sagal Before & After Plastic Surgery

Observing Katey’s photos over the time, the recent photo reveals that her face looks very fresh, smooth and tight. Katey might have a careful Botox injections since the recent photo shows that her face less of wrinkles. In addition to Botox injections, she could also possible to have mid-facelift to tighten her skin around her face and neck. Although, the tight skin look can be achieved from very smart make-up artist, but many people strongly believe that’s the result of a mid-facelift. What do you think? Do you agree with us?

Dr. Sherrell J Aston on makemeheal.com explained that Katey Sagal might have Botox injections and a facelift. She appears with very clean and tight jawline, neck and also cheeks.

Well, Botox and facelift could be the best way to maintain a youthful look. Most celebrities have done it  to keep them look much younger than their real age. In Katey’s case, I think she has a good decision to have Botox and facelift. Overall, she looks great and not overdone.

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