Kate Hudson Boob Job Before & After


Kate Hudson is the name of an American actress. She is Goldie Hawn’s beautiful daughter. Her role in Almost Famous had brought her to be a nominee in the Academy Awards for best supporting actress in 2001. Besides her achievement in a career as an actress, she was also not far from plastic surgery rumor.

As everybody knows that plastic surgery had been done by many people including celebrities to enhance their look. In Kate Hudson’s case, the plastic surgery that being discussed is the truth of her having breast augmentation. If some people are discussing celebrity plastic surgery, they will know that there’s no doubt to believe that celebrities love plastic surgery. Then, what had happened to Kate?

Kate Hudson Boob Job Before & After

Kate Hudson Boob Job Before & After

If we are observing her photos over the time, it cannot be denied that her breast has slightly changed. As everybody knows that Kate was having a small and a flat chest, and the recent photo reveals that her breast appears a little bit bigger than before. It indicates that plastic surgery has been performed.

Let’s see what plastic surgeons say about Kate.

A California plastic surgeon Dr. John DI Saia says “Observing Kate Hudson’s photos over the time, she likely has small breast implants, it looks nice.”

A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says “It seems Kate Hudson has had breast implants from A cup to small C cup.”

Well, Kate has not talked to the public about her boob job, but if she has had breast implants in the past, I need to say that was great and fit to her body frame.

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