Julie Chen Plastic Surgery Before & After


Julie Chen plastic surgery rumor has become a hot subject among fans. CBS reality TV program “Big Brother” star has morphed into a fantastic mom. Recently, public notice the change of Julie’s facial appearance, she likely has some work done to her nose and eyes.

Julie Chen Before & After Plastic Surgery

Julie Chen Before & After Plastic Surgery

Julie has not openly talked to the public about her new appearance, but her photo in 1996 reveals slightly change of Julie’s nose shape and eyes. I’m not a plastic surgeon, but I believe she has an eyelid surgery and nose job (Rhinoplasty), the after photo show that her nose looks smaller & slimmer. Someone will not have smaller and slimmer nose in no longer young age, except surgery help.

Many people believe that the change of Julie’s nose can be as the result of smart make up artist and hair current style, but I strongly believe that was a nose job. Everyone may have a different opinion, if she has had a nose job, I need to say that’s a great result. She would be happy to have such a good damn plastic surgeon.

Well, whatever the reason or whatever she did, she stays look great with or without plastic surgery.

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