Did Julie Benz Look Good Due Plastic Surgery Help?


I think she isn’t too old, she is still 40 so when the rumor asked that does plastic surgery make Dexter star Julie Benz looks good and beautiful? I can’t admit whether it’s true or not. I will not say that plastic surgery can be excused to boost your appearance, but how about enhanced your appearance and not changing it completely like she does? As long it’s in small portion and she knows her limit, I think it’s legally fine. It’s because every woman want to be beautiful and it’s like a habit that they will do anything to look good and beauty. Does the same thing was done by Dexter star Julie Benz? You decide!

Julie Benz Plastic Surgery Before & After

Julie Benz Plastic Surgery Before & After

Julie Benz was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 1st, 1972. She is better known as Darla in 1997 till 2004 Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. She started to attract public eyes when she played as Rita Bennett on 2006-2010 Showtime American television drama Dexter. She played so wonderful and amazing here, no wonder she was awarded with the 2006 Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress and the 2009 Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress. She has been married twice and now she lives with her husband Rich Orosco.

Did Julie Benz Have Plastic Surgery?

Her recent appearance on No Ordinary Family makes public notice the traces of plastic surgery in her appearance. She allegedly has a breast augmentation, filler injection especially for her lip, Botox and could be Juvederm and Restylane. Previously in the Dexter series, it seems she has small breasts and there is a wide space in her chest, but now her breast seem bigger, stronger and toned. According to Dr. Paul S. Nassif, it seems that she had Botox and filler injection especially in her forehead that seems wrinkle less, toned and flawless. He also added that she could be possibly have lip injection. Dr. Michael Salzhauer also said the smooth and flawless Benz’s forehead might be as a result of Botox, he also hardly believes that there are other surgery in the Julie Benz’s face. What do you think guys?

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