Jocelyn Wildenstein “Cat Woman” Plastic Surgery Before & After


Jocelyn Wildenstein “the cat woman” plastic surgery has long become a hot subject among people. She has been tabloid ridicule for years because of her decision to take an extreme action. Recently, she reported to decided back into a woman, not a cat anymore.  Even though people thought that she was unique with the face like a cat, but for some people, they disagree with that. Her scary face like a cat has made many people afraid, and brought a lot of criticisms. Therefore, she decided to have more plastic surgery to bring back her woman face. 4 million dollars is not few of money, she spent all 4 million dollars to transform her face into the cat face.  It’s surprising though. Then, she needs to wave away with the $4 M she had spent to become a cat for her decision.

Jocelyn Wildenstein “Cat Woman” Before & After Plastic Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein “Cat Woman” Before & After Plastic Surgery

After for years trying to make her normal face back, now Jocelyn has come with smaller cheeks and her lips start to look normal. In addition,  her eyebrow likely turn back to its original position. Although not all work done, but I personally glad to see Jocelyn tries to be a normal woman.

Checking her face when she was a cat, many people believe that, it’s so hard to turn it back.  Almost the entire of her face needs to be changed. Her plastic surgery surgeon realizes that to make his patient to become normal will not be easy, there are a lot of things to do, and they also need patience. The plastic surgeon himself impressed with the one who transform Jocelyn into a cat. He thinks that it was a great job. For common people, it is impossible to bring back her to be a normal woman.

Hopefully, Jocelyn could be back again as a normal woman, not a cat anymore.

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