Joan Rivers Before and After Plastic Surgery


Joan Rivers is a comedian, but her overload plastic surgery is not a part of her joke. 79 years old comedian legend and television personality has long become a center of public attention about her plastic surgery addiction. She had admitted having numerous surgery procedures including breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, brow lift, laser skin resurfacing, cheek lift, chemical peels and numerous facelifts.

She was reported to have a first time surgery when she was at 32 years old, at that time she had an eyelid lift to correct vision impairment. Although she has admitted to correct her eye, but many suspect that it was cosmetic enhancement purpose. Joan’s first time surgery as if it opened a wide gateway for her to have more another surgery procedure.

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before and After

Joan Rivers is a Russian Jewish descent, and her ethnic likely stimulate her to decide to have a nose job. The current nose looks much better, it is thinner and less prominent than before.

Joan Rivers is very active in facial enhancement over the years, she has had numerous facelifts to eliminate some wrinkles or other aging signs on her face. The photo that was taken on February 27th while she was attending “Tie The Knot Spring Collection” reveals that she looks very fantastic at her age. We almost cannot find any aging signs on her facial appearance, her face looks unnaturally tight and smooth, it indicates that a facelift, Botox and chemical peels has been performed. Meanwhile, a woman at her age usually experiences sagging skin under her eye, and Joan has no problem with it. She has a very good deal of a brow lift, it helps her much to reduce sagging skin and crow’s feet around her eyes.

In addition to overload facial enhancement, she has also admitted having a breast implant in the past. Then, she decided to remove the implant after giving birth to Melissa Rivers (See Melissa Rivers plastic surgery).

Joan Rivers has been successful to rejuvenate her face, but it doesn’t mean she looks good and natural. Unlike other Hollywood celebrities who feel insecure to admit their surgery, I personally impressed with her openness about surgery.

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