Jessica Lange Plastic Surgery Before and After


Jessica Lange plastic surgery has long become a hot gossip in Hollywood. After denying plastic surgery rumor in the past years, Jessica Lange comeback with a very different appearance.

Looking back when she was playing a role as Beth Macauley in comedy-drama film “Men Don’t Leave” (1990), Jessica’s current appearance doesn’t look much more different when she played in “Men Don’t Leave”. It is impossible she can still look the same as she was in 22 years ago. Then, many believe that she had undergone some surgery procedures to boost her appearance. Radar Online also reported Jessica Lange had undergone good plastic surgery over the past years.

Jessica Lange Before After Plastic Surgery
Jessica Lange Before After Plastic Surgery

Jessica Lange is 63 years old, and commonly a woman in her age will experience sagging skin or puffiness. Jessica doesn’t likely have such aging signs, her forehead remains tight and free from small lines. Jessica’s face also looks wrinkles free and unusually firm, the neckline and jawline area show no sagging skin. It is possible that Jessica had undergone a facelift and Necklift as well.

In addition, it is also possible that she has an eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty). Jessica’s eyes look very refreshed without bags under the eyes. Furthermore, Jessica’s high and arched eyebrows could be also as the result of a Browlift.

Although some plastic surgeon believes she has undergone several surgery procedures, but Jessica denies the rumor, and said that’s good genes.

Well, whatever she did, with or without surgery, Jessica’s recent appearance looks fantastic. Everyone must agree that she looks younger than her real age.

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