Jennifer Coolidge Plastic Surgery Before & After


Jennifer Coolidge plastic surgery rumor has long been discussed in many forums and mass media. The American Pie star stays look so youthful at 55 years-old, she looks like 10 years younger than her real age. Did she have plastic surgery or just good genes? That’s the most common question appear in many forums and online mass media.

According to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif, Jennifer Coolidge seems to likely have several plastic surgery procedures for her facial such as Botox, facial fillers and also lip augmentation.

Jennifer Coolidge Before & After Plastic Surgery
Jennifer Coolidge Before & After Plastic Surgery

Well, comparing her before & after photo, she likely has some work done to her face. Jennifer’s face looks so youthful, less of wrinkles, tighter and fuller than before. It indicates that she possibly has Botox for her forehead and around the eyes. Some facial fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane also take an important role to hide the wrinkles around her smile lines and plum up her cheek.

In addition to Botox and facial fillers, Jennifer was also reported to have facelift and chemical peel. Facelift treatment was focused on the jowl to get rid of sagging skin, and the result Jennifer’s jowl area looks tighter than before. Chemical peel treatment also helps her face smoother and free from fine lines and sun damage.

Seeing the surgery treatment Jennifer had done, Dr. Michael Salzhauer commented that the combination of all those treatment, including Botox, Facelift, and Chemical peel created a great result and kept her vibrant and youthful.

Overall, Jennifer looks great with her new look, fans will await what she will do next to compete with young starlet in the entertainment industry.

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