Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Before & After


Facial feature is one of the main important things for women. When they feel uncomfortable with one or some part of their appearance, then they will do anything to make it better. Even go under the knife takes a deep on their purse; it will not be an obstacle for them to complete the mission.

Jennifer Anniston could be one of women who feel uncomfortable with her nose. She has admitted to have a twice nose job to repair her deviated septum.

Jennifer Aniston has admitted to have plastic surgery over 12 years ago, but she denied to have full a nose job (Rhinoplasty). She explained that she has deviated septum, and she needs to fix it. Even though the operation ran successfully, but she thought that the result of the plastic surgery didn’t run as she wants. So she decided to redo next a Rhinoplasty. The second Rhinoplasty is to remake the unwanted form of nose to be as she wishes. She felt that the first nose job’s result was still too wide.

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Before & After

Because of her dissatisfaction on the first nose job, she then decided to redo it in January 2007, she was caught going out to one of famous plastic surgeons in the Beverley hills’, Dr. Raj Kanodia and made an appointment for doing the Rhinoplasty to fix the parts that she thinks need to be fixed. Jennifer hopes that her too wide nose could be fixed, and becomes the nose that she wants.

Jennifer Anniston didn’t deny that she has had plastic surgery for the second time. She felt that she needs to do the second one to repair the wrong parts of her first Rhinoplasty.

A source ever told US weekly that Jennifer hates the result of the first nose job so much. That’s why she did the second one to make everything fine with no complaints.

Observing Jennifer’s photos over the time, her nose tip is being raised and the nose bridge has been thinned. Overall she looks great, and not overdone.

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