Helen Hunt Plastic Surgery Before and After


Helen Hunt plastic surgery rumor has become a hot subject among fans. The winner of the Academy Award for Best Actress appears with a very different look while attending 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards in California. She looks great, fresher and less wrinkles, it is inversely when she was caught on the paparazzi lens while taking a holiday in Hawaii at 1st December 2009.

Helen Hunt Before Plastic Surgery
Helen Hunt in Hawaii at 1st December 2009

The photo that was taken in 2009 reveals that she has some wrinkles and sagging skin around her face and neck area.Many people speculate that she has several plastic surgery procedures such as Botox, a facelift & Necklift and possibly laser treatment to overcome the premature aging she has experienced.

Helen Hunt After Plastic Surgery
Helen Hunt attending 2013 Film Independent Spirit Awards in California

Comparing Helen’s picture when she was spotted in Hawaii and the recent one, it is possible if Helen Hunt has Botox treatment to get rid of wrinkles around her face, her recent face has less wrinkles and she looks much younger than before. In addition to Botox treatment, she likely has performed a facelift too. As can be seen in the before photo, she has sagging skin and lines around her facial appearance, while the recent photo reveals that her face slightly tight and smooth, it indicates that a facelift has been well performed. A Necklift might also take an important role to tighten the skin on her chin and jaw line area. It seems that the combination of Botox, a facelift & Necklift and laser treatment really help her rejuvenate her appearance.

Overall, Helen Hunt looks better than ever. She looks 10 years younger than her real age. What do think guys? Please feel free to share us your though.

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