Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before & After


Fame and Beauty are two words that can’t be separated in a life of celebrity. In this case, someone who wants to keep on track (fame), then the beauty is really influential. Therefore, many celebrities do some ways to keep their beauty. A shortcut named “plastic surgery “ is no longer a strange word in the celebrity’s world. This is considered as the best thing to solve any beauty problem, from face, breast, stomach, buttock, and so on.

Halle Berry is one of many celebrities who try to transform her appearance with plastic surgery. She was rumored to have some surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, nose job and liposuction as well.

Did Halle Berry Have a Nose job?

Halle Berry Nose Job

Halle Berry Nose Job

As everybody knows Halle Berry has a wider nose in the past, then the recent photos reveal that she likely has some work done to her nose. Her nose bridge is getting narrower and the tip looks more defined than before. Halle strongly denies the nose job rumor, but many people believe that she possibly have a nose job in the past.

Did Halle Berry Have Breast Augmentation?

Halle Berry Breast Implants

In addition to a nose job, Halle was also rumored to have breast augmentation in her earlier career. Many online media and tabloid reported that she likely has augmented her breast to 36C size. FamousPlastic.com explained that the scar on one of her armpits reveal she has a breast augmentation. The procedure was done via Transaxillary breast augmentation, this procedure is used to insert the implant through the fold of the armpit.

Halle Berry Breast Implants

Halle Berry Breast Implants

Then, makemeheal.com also says that she has also had a liposuction after giving birth to her daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry in 2008.

Halle Berry may have some plastic surgery procedures such as a nose job, breast augmentation and liposuction as well. Whatever she did in the past, she stays a stunning actress and continues a great job until now. We love her because of her great work, not her physical appearance.

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