Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos


Dyan Cannon plastic surgery has been an interesting topic in Hollywood over the years. Hollywood sex symbol currently appears to look unnatural,  it seems surgery she has had in the past cannot help her much to fight aging. Despite looking unnatural, Dyan Cannon looks good enough at 75, not many women can look such Dyan in 75 years old.

Dyan Cannon seems to try hard to look for eternal youth, she has undergone multiple surgery procedures in the past such as Botox injections, lip injections, cheek filler injections, liposuction and also facelift.

Dyan Cannon Before Plastic Surgery

Dyan Cannon Before Plastic Surgery

Dyan is not young anymore, having some reconstruction could be a strong reason to survive in Hollywood. It is common in Hollywood, when they feel they are not young anymore, they strongly possible to have plastic surgery to enhance their look.

Dyan Cannon After Plastic Surgery

Dyan Cannon After Plastic Surgery

If you are observing Dyan’s recent photos, you might know that her face looks slightly tight & firm, it could be as the result of facelift procedure she has had in a few years ago. Despite having tight facial skin, Dyan’s neck also shows us a positive thing of a facelift, it looks aged, but not saggy.

Dyan forehead also tells us another positive result of Botox, her forehead seems smooth and nearly free from wrinkles or aging signs. Her lips seem puffy and plump, it indicates that she has undergone filler injections like Restylane and Juvederm.

Looking back to her photo when she started her debut, she has full high cheek, and now it doesn’t seem to begin saggy or deflated at the age 75. It seems that she has filler or implants to make her cheek stay up and firm.

She was having Restylane in the past, but it doesn’t help her mouth totally free from lines today, it could also because of her age.

Overall, Dyan plastic surgery shows positive results, she would not have any benefit of having other kind surgery procedures at this time.

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