Donna Mills Plastic Surgery or Good Genes?


Did Donna Mills have plastic surgery or good genes? That’s the most frequent questions among fans after seeing the recent appearance of Donna Mills. At the advance years, someone usually has some wrinkles or aging signs around her facial appearance, while The Knots Landing star appears with tight skin and less wrinkles around her face and neck. She stays look good, and might be too good for her age.

Many people speculate that she might have some work done to maintain her youthful look. Botox, facelift, filler injection, laser treatment and eyelid surgery could be the best guess at what she had done.

Donna Mills Before & After Plastic Surgery

Donna Mills Before & After Plastic Surgery

Judging the latest photos of Donna, it is possible that she has undergone a facelift. Her current face, especially the lower face and her jaw line look tighter than before. Those had been done so well, she has no loose skin that usually happened to an old person.

In addition to a facelift, Donna could also possible to have upper and lower eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty). It is strongly seen that the plastic surgery had modified her eyes to look better and fresher. The rejuvenation she did on her eyelid had brought her have a younger and graceful eye.

Botox, Laser Treatment and Filler Injections

Donna Mills has recently appeared with very smooth and tight skin, it indicates that she possibly has undergone some rejuvenation to her face. The combination of Botox, filler injection and laser treatment could be the best way to tighten up her face. She looks very smooth and fresh, so it is impossible for a woman at seventh decade looks great without surgery help.

Dr. Anthony Youn says “Donna Mills has gracefully aging…but, it could be plastic surgery help”.

Well, overall Donna looks great, she looks much younger and fresher. That’s a really good result, thanks to her plastic surgeon.

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