Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery Before & After


Courtney Cox plastic surgery has long become a hot subject in celebrity plastic surgery rumor. We all may have already known this rumor since 2004, she was rumored to have breast augmentation, lip augmentation and Botox.

Did Courteney Cox Have Breast Augmentation?

Courteney Cox breast augmentation has long become hot rumor. Public noticed drastically change of her breast size when she was captured in a bikini after giving birth to her daughter Coco.

Courtney Cox Plastic Surgery


Observing her photo, it seems that her breasts appear fuller. Is it normal for someone to have fuller breasts after giving birth? If I need to guess, breast augmentation might be a possible way to have such fuller breasts in skinny and thin body, as well after giving birth. How about you? Do you agree with us?

Although many people believe she has had breast augmentation, Dr. Anthony Youn has another opinion about her change.

Dr. Anthony Youn says “Courtney breast looks fuller & larger, but I doubt it is a result of plastic surgery”.

Courteney Cox Breast Implants

Another sign of Courtney breast augmentation when she was captured in Green Bikini for Cougar Town scenes. In the recent photo, she seems to have nice breasts (fuller, bigger and rounder). Then, public strongly speculate that she has had a breast augmentation procedure over the years, and the result she has nice and proportional breast size.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer seems not to agree with public speculation, he says “Courtney breast seems larger; however it might due to particular bikini top design that give her fuller & bigger look ”.

Well, it still round, we cannot make sure whether she has or has not breast augmentation, she looks very natural and proportional. If she really has had work done to her breasts, I need to admit that her plastic surgeon does a great job.

Courteney Cox Lips Augmentation
Courteney Cox Before & After Lips Augmentation

In addition to breast augmentation, Courtney Cox was also rumored to have lip augmentation in the past. The before and after photo shows us that she looks far different, her lips are getting fuller than before. We should admit that she has nice lips, she looks subtle and natural. Thanks to her plastic surgeon who has done a great job.

Did Courteney Cox Have Botox?

On Marie Claire magazine interview (2006), she has ever said that Botox could be fantastic and horrible, when you use it in moderation you will get a fantastic result too. She was also not deny to try Botox in the future. What do you think? Has she had Botox? You decide!

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