Christina Hendricks Plastic Surgery Before And After


Christina Hendricks is no stranger to plastic surgery. The owner of perfect voluptuous breasts has been rumored to have several enhancements to her body and face as well.

In the past few years, Christina Hendricks has become a hot subject among viewer related to breast implant rumor. Some sources told that Christina Hendricks breast enhancement is likely as the result of plastic surgery.

To know the truth, we try to observe the Christina’s photos from year to year. There are significant differences between the photo in 1999 and these days. Christina used to have small breasts, and the recent breasts appear amazingly fuller and larger than before. It makes people wonder whether or not she has had breast implants.

Christina Hendricks Breast Implants

If we are looking at after a boob job photo, it is obvious that her breasts almost didn’t leave the space between her cleavage. It makes the viewer positively convinced that it was the result of breast implants. Well, it is very common happened to a woman who has a substantial breast implants like Christina.

Moreover, Christina’s surprisingly breast enhancement could be also as the result of the combination of weight gain and breast implant. If we are looking at the before surgery photo, Christina’s body much slimmer than these days.

A Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer seems to agree with our suspicious. He says that It is possible Christina Hendrisk breasts are the result of breast implant combined with weight gain. He also added that it is impossible to have A cup breast to over DD cup size just from a few pounds of weight gain.

In addition to breast implant rumor, she was also becoming a hot gossip of a nose job (rhinoplasty). It has been reported that Christina new nose looks narrower, and the tip appears more defined than before. Many speculate that she possibly has performed a nose job in the past.

Since Christina has not confirmed about the nose job rumor, we cannot help much. But, to be honest, she stays looks great with or without  surgery.

What do you think? Does she get a nose job? Please feel free to share with us!

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