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Beauty is everything. These words might be the most appropriate to describe Cher for her effort to look for eternal youth. Cher is a 66 year-old actress, and also a musical legend. What people impressed is that in her old age she doesn’t look like an old woman. She always looks youthful both on or off the screen. Plastic surgery likely plays an important role in her consistent appearance.

Cher might be a plastic surgery fan, she was reported to have several surgery procedures in the past, they were a nose job, Botox, eyelid surgery and also breast augmentation.

Cher Before & After Plastic surgery
Cher Before & After Plastic surgery

A nose job or Rhinoplasty was told by the media as her first surgery.  If we are observing her photo, there is a significant change on her nose. In the past, her nose was round and rather big. Her recent photo reveals that her nose appears smaller and has narrower bridge, it is likely the nose job was done well.

In addition to a nose job, she was also rumored to have Botox to fight aging signs around her forehead. Her current photos show that she has a lack of wrinkles or lines on her forehead, and Botox could be the best way to hide the wrinkles. Some people said that her face was too young for her age. She was so youthful. People agreed that, she was too beautiful in her real age.

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery was also a thing she did. She needed to totally remove any unneeded wrinkles or bags around her eyes to keep her youthful look.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer explained that Cher likely has several kinds of plastic surgery, especially her face, neck, eye even brow has already been fixed.  Cher is definitely no stranger to cosmetic surgery.  She probably more focuses on beautifying her face than her body.

In the past years, Cher also openly shared about her breast augmentation. She said that she was like another woman who love to have a beautiful breast. She added that she did the breast augmentation after she breeds her daughter.

Cher stays look great at 66 years-old, and fans likely to be enthralled with her current appearance.

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