Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery – A nose Job


Sexy mom Catherine Bell rumored to have a plastic surgery procedure. Public noticed her nose getting thinner and more pointed, it seems she has had a nose job to makeover her appearance. Many fans also consider her recent appearance is worse than she used to be. What about you? Do you agree with us?

In my opinion, some of Hollywood actresses seem to have low self-confidence that makes them feel so insecure about their appearance. It could be they realize that the entertainment industry is so hard and relentless, and seems actress Catherine Bell knows about it. Low self-confidence might be one of the reasons to reconstruct her appearance.

Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Before & After

Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery Before & After a Nose Job

Catherine Lisa Bell is an American actress who was born in London on August 14th, 1968. She started her acting career when she was portraying Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie for American legal drama television JAG. She is half Persian and half English,  because of her mom is Iranian, that’s why her face looks wonderful due to those combinations. She also had coupled kids with Actor Adam Beason named Gemma and Ronnan, but unfortunately both of them decided to separate in last 2011.

Did Catherine Bell Have Plastic Surgery?

We must agree that she was wonderful just the way she was, the combination between Persian and European from her parents gives her amazing face that rarely seen in another Hollywood actress. Many fans consider loving her look before her recent change.

Whether she has not told the public about her recent change, public speculate that she might have a nose job (Rhinoplasty) to sculpture her nose. Her nose seems thinner and toned; it might be as a result of a nose job.

Compare her before and after plastic surgery picture, it seems that surgery has not worked well. She looks worse than her previous looks.

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