Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before and After


Sexy model and actress Cameron Diaz recently rumored to have another plastic surgery. In the several years ago she had a nose job and possibly has undergone Botox, noninvasive facelift, fillers, and chemical peels as well.

All of you may already know about Cameron Diaz nose job (rhinoplasty) in several years ago. She was reported to have multiple nose job to repair her broken nose. she is not the only one of Hollywood actress who has had nose reconstruction due to a broken nose. In the past we had several Hollywood celebrities who have a nose job to repair a deviated septum, they are Jennifer Aniston and Ashley Tisdale. (See celebrity nose jobs before and after).

Cameron Diaz Before After Plastic Surgery
Cameron Diaz Before After Plastic Surgery

American’s sweetheart always looks stunning over the years, at recent public appearance she appears with a very fresh and different look. Many suspect that she has undergone Botox or fillers, as the evident her face appears slightly fuller, smoother and shinier.

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif claimed that it is normal if most of celebrities use Botox or fillers to keep their appearance fresh. I would not be surprised if Cameron Diaz had Botox or fillers.

Although she greatly helped from Botox or fillers, but we still can find aging signs around her eyes. Meanwhile, she was very popular with the lips that always look full and sexy, and along with her age growth Cameron’s lips don’t seem diminish, and even they look bigger and rosier. Lip fillers likely play an important role to keep her lips look sexy and full.

Furthermore, the recent photo shows that Cameron’s face appears fuller and puffier than ever, many believe that she possibly has fillers in her face. Facial filler could be very effective to eliminate wrinkles, but when it is overused it can cause bloated puffy face and chipmunk cheeks. For Cameron’s case, I’m not sure whether or not her puffy cheek as the result of overused facial fillers.

However, Dr. Michael Salzhauer tells website that Cameron Diaz doesn’t seem to have facial filler, the fuller face or puffy cheek might be caused by a weight gain.

Cameron Diaz Breast Implants
Cameron Diaz Breast Implants Before and After

The recent rumor, she is suspected to have a conservative breast implant. The photo that was taken when she was on vacation reveals that her breast a little bit bigger than before. While she has not openly talked to the public about the rumor, and if it is true, I need to say that they look good and natural.

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