Ally Walker Plastic Surgery – Before & After a Nose Job


Did Ally Walker have plastic surgery to enhance her appearance? That was a question appeared in many media talking about Ally walker. People know there was something a bit different on her nose that makes public speculate that she likely has undergone plastic surgery.

Ally Walker is an actress whose name arose when she took a role in a movie titled Universal Soldier. We clearly don’t know the reason why she wanted to have something change on her nose. People thought that if it was for her career, she might regret for her decision.

Ally Walker Before & After Plastic Surgery

If we are looking her photos for a short time, there might be no different, but if you recheck on her photos from time to time. There you will see the mystery. The newest photo looks that her nose bridge appears a little bit thinner and pointier than the previous one. Unfortunately, the result of the surgery was not done so well, the change was not a big help. Some people think that she might have a wrong decision to have a nose job (Rhinoplasty). Her nose doesn’t seem match with the rest of her face.

A plastic surgery is a big decision, when someone does it, then he/she needs to take all the risk, even she doesn’t get the result that he/she wants to.  Someone should know what they are going to do. For plastic surgery take a big risk. If it is right, it will bring a good effect, but if not, it will give something awful.

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