Elsa Patton plastic surgery

Elsa Patton is not one of celebrities who have plastic surgery gone wrong. You may already know about Steven Tyler, Kenny Roger, Cat Woman, Carrot Top, Donatela Versace and many more, they are a victim of plastic surgery gone wrong. Celebrity life is certainly full of pressure, they are required to always look good and […]

Clay Aiken plastic surgery

Clay Aiken has long become a center of public attention of plastic surgery rumor. The former American Idol Clay Aiken was gossiped having plastic surgery procedures such as chin implants and possibly nose job (Rhinoplasty) and eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty). In the past few years, it was to be mentioned that one of the most noticeable […]

Amanda Bynes plastic surgery

Everyone must be sure that Amanda Bynes is one of the hottest stars in America moreover she recently has uploaded her naked picture on her own Twitter account then rose many speculations among her followers. One source claimed that she did such thing because of the family reason, she feels disappointed with her family condition […]

Kristin Chenoweth plastic surgery

Kristin Chenoweth stays looks amazing at her age 44 years old. Many suspect that she has performed several plastic surgery procedures to maintain her youthful look, they are including Botox, nose job (rhinoplasty), cheek implants, fillers, cosmetic dentistry and possibly breast implants as well. You may already know about Kristin Chenoweth plastic surgery rumor in […]

Kate Gosselin plastic surgery

Kate Gosselin obviously has had some plastic surgery procedures including tummy tuck, liposuction and possibly breast augmentation, breast lift and Botox. In the past few years, you maybe already know about her openness related to plastic surgery for mommy makeover after giving birth to twin girls (Cara and Madelyn). So, it is understandable that she […]

Sofia Vergara plastic surgery

Sofia Vergara could be one of celebrity with natural body, without plastic surgery. At least it is happening this time, she didn’t think to do some plastic surgery yet. When Sofia investigated in Esquire Magazine, she said that she didn’t need any plastic surgery this time. She still feels confident in her 38 years old […]

Katie Couric plastic surgery

Katie Couric, a pretty news anchor who always looks fresh with her full-time career. Are you ever thinking that she had plastic surgery to keep her fresh face? Maybe many people want to know what is the secret of her fresh face for her age at 56 years old. Katie Couric always looks fresh in […]

Alexa Vega plastic surgery

The former star of Spy Kids Alexa Vega has turned from a geeky into a sexy and perkier woman. Many fans curious whether or not she has had plastic surgery. Alexa Vega has appeared with a very different look when she was caught on camera for her latest movie “Machete Kills”. Vega played with Sofia […]

Aubrey O’Day plastic surgery

Aubrey O’Day has long become a subject of plastic surgery fan. In the past few years, she has been suspected to have several surgery procedures like a nose job, breast implants, Botox, lip injection and tummy tuck as well. Aubrey O’Day firstly rumored to have Botox when she was on Wendy Williams show in 2008. […]

Christina Hendricks plastic surgery

Christina Hendricks is no stranger to plastic surgery. The owner of perfect voluptuous breasts has been rumored to have several enhancements to her body and face as well. In the past few years, Christina Hendricks has become a hot subject among viewer related to breast implant rumor. Some sources told that Christina Hendricks breast enhancement […]